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BIOINFO Advanced Bioinformatics Techniques for the Systemic Molecular Level Analysis of Complex Diseases


     General objectives

  • developing bioinformatics techniques and tools for uncovering the molecular-level pathways involved in complex diseases such as colon cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus, aiming at determining therapeutic targets

  • setting up an interdisciplinary group, involved in fundamental and applicative research in bioinformatics and molecular biology

  • ∑iinincreasing the international visibility by means of publications in international journals and the participation in European projects in this domain.


      Technical objectives
  • The development of original algorithms and toolsets for processing massive gene expression data

  • The strong focus on the biological interpretation, validation and even testing of the results obtained

  • Dealing with large real-life genetic networks involved in complex diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes

  • The integration of multiple bioinformatics resources in the processes of analysis and data mining

  • The design of the experimental study of molecular markers

  • Determining the phenotypic manifestation of the studied genes

  • Performing AI/LOH and MSI analysis on the 1p and 5q chromosomes

  • Demonstrating the utility of the proposed methods.


  • Advanced software for microarray data analysis

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